Try chiropractic before medication!

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    Try chiropractic before medication!

    By Healthygirl on April 27, 2018 at 2:33 pm in: Alternative Therapy Reviews

    At about a month old, my baby daughter began to have a pretty rough time, especially in the evenings. She would cry for an hour or two and we would bounce around the living room trying to ease her pain. The usual over-the-counter aids weren’t helping. Friends were suggesting various prescriptions that had helped their babies, but I just hated to give such a new little body medication! I read about chiropractic treatment of colic with as good or better success rates than with various meds, so I found a pediatric chiropractor. She said that the birth process can regularly leave a baby’s spine sublaxated and it’s just enough to interrupt the nerve-impulses between the brain and the digestive system.
    I was nervous to get started because I was just thinking about the cracking and popping that usually goes on when I go to see the chiropractor for myself, however all the chiropractor’s adjustments on my daughter were completely silent and actually looked like she wasn’t doing anything at all! I was holding my daughter the whole time and the DC was just going up my baby’s pine with her fingers and then up to the crook behind her ear. She said this is the place that when things get “off” really interferes with digestion.
    That evening, to my surprise, my daughter’s fussiness was cut-down by half! It was clear the adjustment had really helped. We went back for one visit every week for four more weeks and each time, her fussiness was cut down by half. I was thrilled. Five weeks is amazing to completely get rid of colic and without medication.

    • 5 treatments/sessions over 5 weeks
    • By Chiropractor
    • Time passed: 13 years
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