Do I need to register to write a review?
Yes. Registration is free and give you full access to the use of the site!

Are there guidelines for writing a review?
The review form has several built-in prompts for information that will be important for other users to know about your therapy experience. In the body of the review, be sure to include important details that you think others could find helpful.

Should I include my alternative health provider’s name in my review?
No. Including provider’s names threatens the credibility of reviews and creates the potential for spamming. If you include the name of your provider or provider’s clinic in your review, the details may either be obscured by our staff or the review may go unpublished.  If you had a positive experience with your alternative therapy provider, consider letting him or her know about our upcoming “Provider Connect” service which will help users to find local providers offering alternative therapies.

What happens after I submit a review?
Each review is read by our staff to make sure that it meets the guidelines for language and appropriate content. The submission process may take up to two days.

Can I change or delete a review or reply I’ve written?
Yes. Using the contact link at the bottom of the site, please include:
– Your email address
– Your first name (as listed on your account)
– The title of your review
– The change you would like made
We will send an email to your listed email address to ensure you requested this change and will wait for your response of confirmation.

What are alternative therapies?
“Alternative” is a broad term that is used to refer to medicine and therapies that are alternative to western, conventional medicine. Alternative therapies typically have the quality of being considered less-invasive and more natural solutions than long-term pharmaceutical-use or surgery.

How are the alternative therapies featured on the site chosen and how can I suggest one?
There therapies featured on the site are given careful consideration by our staff. To make a suggestion, please use the “suggest a therapy” link at the bottom of the site. We are looking for therapies that have:
– At least a 20-year history of use
– A national or global following of practitioners
– Could be described as “natural,” “holistic,” “biologic,” “traditional” or “integrative”

How do changes to my Account and Profile?
Yes. You can make changes to your account and profile. You can access your account at the “My ATR” link at the top, right corner of the site. Click “Edit Preferences” in the drop-down menu.

Can I change my username?
No. Usernames are a static feature in the construction of this site. If you are uncomfortable continuing with your current username, you always have the option to delete your account, which will then allow you sign-up for a new one using the same email. However, the reviews and replies you have written to date will either need to be re-assigned to a “Jane Doe” name or deleted entirely.

How do I delete my account?
Request this using the contact link at the bottom of the site. Please include:
– Your email address
– Your first name as listed on your account
– Your request to delete your account
We will send an email to your listed email address to ensure you requested this deletion and wait for your confirmation.