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Neurocranial restructuring involves the subtle shifting of the bony structures that compose the skull with intention to address a variety of physiological dysfunction. The philosophy behind this practice is that the bones of the cranium are subtly mobile, can become shifted out of place and“locked,” disturbing the natural flow of blood, cerebrospinal fluid and nerve-impulses. A small balloon, fixed to an air pressure bulb, is inserted into one of the six turbinates of the nasal cavity which is then inflated for one to two seconds and released.

Different from its predecessor technique (“Bilateral Nasal Specific”), Neurocranial Restructuring employs preparatory body-work, determines which is the critical turbinate to receive treatment during the session and uses special body-positioning for optimal effect. This technique is promoted as a treatment for a variety of conditions such aschronic headache, upper respiratory problems, TMJ, neurological conditions, as well as for side-benefits such as cosmetic enhancement through an improvement of“facial symmetry.”

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